New Technique

This new treatment, Ultratone Lipo-Slimming, uses the same principles of exercise and muscle building combined with state-of-the-art technology and science. Even more exciting, the treatment offers health benefits during the normal course of treatment.

How Does the Treatment Work?

The treatment combines two techniques. First, ultrasound waves penetrate deep in the tissue, vibrating and weakening the fat cell walls. Next, Bio-stimulation provides deep and high intensity muscle contraction and stimulation, including deep fibers not reachable by exercise alone.

This deep muscle stimulation uses the fat as fuel; burns stubborn fat, and strengthen muscles.

How Does Ultratone Compare To Other Options For Skin Improvement?

Ultratone is unique since it uses the muscle stimulation unlike other available systems. Other available treatments include:

    • Laser therapy uses light based energy to reduce the size of fat cells and fat chambers.
    • Monopolar & Bipolar Radio Frequency (RF) use electoral waves that pass through the top layer of the skin into the sub-dermal collagen layer to tighten the skin and reduce cellulite, and finally into the subcutaneous fatty layer to improve the tone and texture of skin.
    • Lymphatic Stimulation uses precise heating, suction, and specifically designed rollers to smooth out the skin to facilitate safe and efficient heat energy delivery. The procedures increase the metabolism of stored fat, and promote lymphatic drainage.

  • Fat Dissolving Injections use enzymes and proteins to open the fat cell membrane and release stored fat.

How Do We Determine What Option Is Best For Each Client?

As a result of researching many systems, we are able to determine the treatments most effective for each specific concern. For example, cellulite is best addressed with bipolar radio frequency combined with lymphatic stimulation and drainage. The new Ultratone has demonstrated outstanding results for circumferential reduction, weight loss, improved muscle endurance, and health improvement.


What are your prices?

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